Casting Call

Casting two roles for “A Clown’s Story,” a short film we have been filming in Greensboro, NC.

We have one scene remaining to film and would like to do so this Sunday, November 22nd.

Looking for:

– a WOMAN and SON or DAUGHTER that would be involved in a brief interaction on the sidewalk with the clown. I have it written as MOTHER and SON, but I’m open to a son or daughter. Because this is a low-budget short and I’ve not worked with many child actors so what I pictured would be an actress with a child interested in acting they could bring for the other role.

Also, because of the current pandemic, we have been shooting with a minimum amount of people on set and taking proper safety precautions. We will be outdoors and the crew will only be 3-4 people, so social distancing shouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately I cannot pay for these parts, but I will provide food and include you in the movie credits. The plan is to enter as many film fests with the project so everyone involved can be famous! Lastly, I will be filming with my partners at Mechanical Eye Films. Our website is For those interested, email me at and not our website email address. Thanks.
Ryan Walker