Casting Call

Dark Red Horror

“A single night offers a suffocating glimpse into the life of a woman whose occupation is feeding people to monsters. When one of her victims escapes, the story escalates into a hellish cat and mouse chase.”

Non-Union Independent Short Film

Location: Asheville, NC, and surrounding area

Produced by: Dark Red Horror


Director: Mason McDonald

Created by: Mason & Tabitha McDonald

Lead: Emily Tynan Mcdaniel

Supporting: Drez Ryan

Auditions: Virtual

Production Date: April 2021

Compensation: Yes

Age: 20-40
Body Type: very tall & thin with a long reach, comfortable not wearing a shirt

Jack’s identity is never fully revealed. but, his presence is very strong. Jack’s parent is very concerned with keeping him safe, even if that means going to extreme measures. despite appearing human, Jack is something else entirely.

Old Man:
Age: 45+
Body Type: thin, must be able to appear frail and elderly

As Jack’s parent, this person has worked very hard to keep Jack safe, even when society may not agree with the methods used to do so. This person is tired and frail from the life they have lived caring for and protecting Jack.

Officer #1:
Age: 30-40

Just trying to do the right thing, Officer #1 is somewhat conflicted about their role as a police officer and what that means.

Officer #2:
Age: 30-40

Officer #2 has been an officer for a while and views their role as “just doing the job.” They are somewhat jaded about the world, but also somewhat oblivious to the changes necessary to make the world better for all.

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