Casting Call

A MAN DEPARTED – Dark Comedy Short Film

Director: Grant Lafferty

Logline: A widower seeking solace is plagued by a series of misfortune.

Compensation: Paid, IMDB Credit.


Don – Age 50 – A widower who’s had all the condolence casserole he can stomach.

Clyde – Age 80 – Don’s father-in-law. A cowboy without a wild West to turn to.

Barb – Age 40s-50s – An overzealous neighbor who masks her disingenuous sympathy with gifted pastries.

Bill – Age 40s-50s – The less zealous half to Barb. A greedy dialysis patient who can’t tell the difference between a Rolex and a Timex.

Carl – Age 20s – A mouth-breathing clerk whose limp lips and lazy eyes suggest apathy runs deep.

Video auditions will be utilized. Specify which character you take interest in.

Will be shot in central North Carolina in December 2020.