Hylton Casting

Hylton Casting is currently casting the following stand-in for the MTV Studios film Three Months.

Stand-In Role:
Actor: Ellen Burstyn

Filming Dates:
Wednesday, 9/30/20
Thursday, 10/1/20
Friday, 10/2/20
Monday, 10/5/20
Tuesday, 10/6/20
*You must be available for all filming dates.

COVID-19 Testing Date:
If you are selected for this role, THREE MONTHS / Ground Control, LLC will require you to be tested and cleared for COVID-19 48 hours prior to arrival on set. You will need to come to the Production Office of the film in Atlanta, GA for your COVID-19 testing on Thursday, 9/24/20.

Submission Details:
If you are available with NO conflicts, please click the following link to submit your information for consideration. http://hyltoncasting.com/sipdavailability/

Thank you,
Hylton Casting