Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

Christmas Movie -Charlotte NC

LAST CALL FOR: DAD WITH DAUGHTER REQUEST filming THUR> 9/17. Photos are being submitted for consideration later today
SEEKING Dad with 2 daughters (ages 5-11) or 2 sisters (ages 5-11).

We are hoping to find a complete Family unit of the 3 requested. If not, we may be able to add a dad or a sister. At least 2 within the group should be related.

FILM DATE -Thurs. 9/17. Must be 100% available on filming date and able to attend a production scheduled Covid test on a date prior to filming.

SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with heading DAD with DAUGHTERS REQUEST.


2 Current photos (close up and full length) of each person being considered. If possible, please include a photo of those being submitted together. These photos can be taken with a cell phone.
ALSO INCLUDED -For EACH person being submitted –
Name, Age, Phone, (Parent’s name and number for minors), City/State you reside, Height/Weight, Complete Clothing Sizes, Description of any visible tattoos.

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