Anthony Paderewski CASTING:

Production Company: Skyway Pictures, LLC.

Client: Blue Force Gear

Project: “Legacy”
Producer: Jim Wacker
Director: Julio Saldarriaga
DP: Carmen Cabana
Est. Shoot: mid-late October
Distro: web, social media, marketing
Locations: Savannah area
Shoot Window: 2-3 days , October 7th – 10th
Rate: $500 Per Day

Steve, Caucasian (30-35yr old male)
Height: 5’11” +
Build: Very athletic, not bulky.
Tattoos: Will need photos if any tats are exposed
Speaking role: Yes

Skills: Highly preferred.. AR style gun knowledge, and use of gun slings, specifically the Vickors Sling. Basic understanding of a trauma kit. Past military experience, especially Special Forces is ideal.

Audition: We will request either in person, or on video auditions as well as head / fully body shots to provide to the client. They will be very critical to the look and skill of “Steve”
Length: Video 1- estimated 5 minutes for long form video.

Please submit headshot with contact information to:

Subject: “Blue Force Gear”

Good luck!