Casting call for GSU project




CASTING actors to join an innovative, education project promoting voting to make the world a better place.

A local university is casting an innovative, interactive narrative experience that will inform and educate citizens on the procedures necessary to vote. The narrative follows 6 characters in a light hearted and funny, small university lead zoom/webex style election essentials workshop. The workshop attendees will interact with each other as they learn all of the essentials steps in the process of voting.

Following with health guidelines of the COVID era we will consult and direct each actor to shoot the video remotely, in their location. So we are essentially casting some technology and locations as well as actors. We will work with you to find an appropriate location in your home or in a convenient socially distant location available to you.

You should have either an iPhone, or other cellphone, iPad, laptop or webcam that has the capability to shoot relatively high quality video.

We understand that this is an unusual casting, but that is what the times call for.
It should be an interesting and fun shoot and will be part of a project that will help to educate students and the public on the proper way to ensure their vote counts.

The shooting is scheduled for August 13th – 21st.


Voicer Over: Instruction Guide: African American Female 25-45 (Voice Only: Must be able to produce high quality sound recording at your location while directed through WebEx) $500

All acting positions will be paid $200 and provided a copy of the final product.
Shoot day is scheduled for 4 hours with possible, though unlikely, pickups.

SEREE: African American Female 22-30
A confident and understanding political science graduate student teaching this course as part of her assistantship. She is excited and inspired to be teaching students how to vote, though she is not immune to the frustrations of students who do not seem to share her inspiration.

JASMINE: Nervous Voter: Female 18-25
A young and naive student who is very intimidated by the prospect of voting. She’s a bit intimidated to be in this course.

FELIX / JESUS:Dude: Asian / Latino Male 18-25
Something of a young, burnout tech mystic who is a bit nervous about voting and the government in general.

TIA: Excited First Time Voter : African American Female 18-25
Very excited to have the opportunity to cast her first vote but naive to the entire process of voting. Tia is a freshman political science student and is here to learn everything she can starting from 0. She’s bubbly and friendly and can’t wait to VOTE!

DESIREE:Older Voter: Older African American Female 60-70
This older student is new to college but is quickly the matriachal figure for the group. As a young girl she lived through the civil rights movement in the south. She has voted in every election but is new to GA and is a bit nervous about the process here. She is also dreadfully ill equipped to navigate the technological aspects of communications in the COVID era.

JADA / : African American Male or Female 30-45
STUDENT 4’s Child is Student 4’s son/daughter. He/she is a little frustrated living with their mother through COVID times, particularly as STUDENT 4 has take the time to become a new remote learning student but has needed her child to guide her through most aspects of navigating the technology. They are accommodating but do show the stress of repeatedly helping.

HUNTER: White 30-40
Rufus is a salt of the earth, funny, southern farmer. He feels a bit out of place in college with all these young city folk but is excited and interested in getting the information necessary to vote. He’s decided he should add his voice to our democracy.