CL Casting

Commercial Casting (Background) for A Collegiate Licensing Company:

•Female (Ages 40-50) woman of color (Use Subject: FEMALE ONE)

•Female (teen – ages 13-18) Hispanic teen (Use Subject: TEEN ONE)

•2 BOYS (Brothers preferred for COVID reasons) – Any ethnicity, ages 6 – 9 (Use Subject: BROTHERS)

Rate: $150 + $25 wardrobe fee (Total: $175) The $25 fee means those selected will need to come camera-ready and bring wardrobe options. They might need to send in pictures of wardrobe options prior to working.

Dates: July 14 and 15th (Must be available both days but will likely only work one)

Location: Atlanta, GA

Individuals interested in being selected MUST be quarantining as they will be on-camera without a mask. When off-screen, masks can be put back on! They must be currently not sick.

All GA Covid filming guidelines will be strictly followed.

To apply: Please include a minimum of three pictures, age, height, weight, and contact info in the email. Very Important: Please include the statement that you are quarantining and are not currently sick. If you forget to confirm your quarantine statement, we will either skip the submission or request to confirm this information.

To submit:
Please use the subject line provided above!