Casting Call

Boxing pilot (Independent)

Location: Charleston, SC

Boxing pilot (Independent)

Location: Charleston, SC

Dates: Shooting through August/September (flexible)

Compensation: Great opportunity, great reel footage, catered meal

Message from the Executive Producers: We have assembled a talented and diverse crew to produce this pilot. We are investing into the production, with a particular focus on the cinematic quality and we are looking for a group of dedicated actors willing to invest their time and talent into bringing our collective vision to fruition. The quality of the finished product will be well worth your time. You will be a part of a team (family) that is professional, driven, creative and fun. We look forward to working with you.

Feature Roles (reoccurring):

[Beno] African American male, 50’s – An organized crime boss. His masculinity is fragile, but he’s intimidating, violent, strategic, dangerous. He’s a seasoned veteran and his name holds weight in the streets

[Mamí] African American female, 50’s – Godmother of the gang. She is the head bitch in charge of a decades old human trafficking ring. She never gets her hands dirty. She’s shrouded in mystery

[Lisa] African American female, early 20’s – A local community organizer and dedicated partner of Cortez. She works part time at a museum, volunteers regularly in the neighborhood community garden and is content with life’s simple pleasures. She’s intuitive and wise beyond her years

[Eva] African American female, early 20’s – A really beautiful girl who likes to party and get fucked up. She likes having nice things. She has self-esteem issues and allows Juno to be an asshole towards her, but she would do anything to keep him happy.

[Hector] Afro Latinx male, mixed/biracial late teens (boxing experience preferred)- college bound senior, Cortez’s mentee, young fighter in training, mature for his age

[Juno] African American male, early 20’s, 180-190lbs (experienced boxers only) – an up and coming champion trying to please his promoter. He’s confident, flashy, arrogant and talks big shit. He and his group of associates are all involved in illicit activities one way or another

[Dee] African American female, early 20’s – lesbian, who scams women, very observant, soaking up game.

[Mark] open ethnicity, male, 30’s – Cortez’s jet setting, playboy manager

[Bobby] open ethnicity male, 40’s – Juno’s trainer

[Ed] African American male, 50’s – Connie’s partner (it’s complicated)

[Domingo] Afro-Latinx male, 20’s, 180-190lbs (experienced boxers only) – boxer who has gone toe to toe with Cortez and Juno

[Young Connie] African American female (medium complexion), 30’s

Small features:

[Commentator 1] open ethnicity male, late 30’s
[Fire Chief] open ethnicity male, late 40’s
[Flashback reporter] open ethnicity female, 20’s-30’s
[Old Heads] two African American males, 50’s
[GENERAL BACKGROUND] all ethnicities, all ages

Submissions must include the following:

Dress size
Shirt size
Pant size
Shoe size

Tattoos/piercings: yes/no? If so, please describe
Will you be at least 18 years of age by the time shooting begins?
Describe your level of boxing and stunt experience/training if boxing is a requirement (Juno/Hector/Domingo).

HEADSHOTS, RESUME AND DEMO REEL or submit two recent selfies (headshot/full body/NO FILTERS) and indicate your acting level of experience.

If interested email: with the role you’re submitting for in the subject line. Example: “LISA – AVAIL Aug/Sept 2020” or “General Background – AVAIL Aug/Sept 2020”


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