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Casting Call for “LOOM” Short Film – Raleigh, NC


Casting Call for “LOOM” Short Film – Raleigh, NC

Logline: A girl’s growing insecurities are tested after coming in contact with a box television that seems to have a consciousness.


The objectives of an insecure girl and a white box television are interwoven in this psychological thriller about self-discovery and the cosmic insignificance of our everyday problems.

Another closing shift at the antique store… After work, Meg has a date with Shawn, a quirky dude she met last week. Their first date was fun, but she totally impulse agreed to go out again and now she’s on the fence about committing to it. Feelings of insecurity, boredom, and unease have made tonight weird for Meg already, but things only get weirder when she finds a white box television that never seems to stay in one place.

Writer/Director: Dylan Powers

Producer: Evan Mann

Compensation: Copy, IMDB Credit, Food on set, Payment (negotiate per role)

Email: LoomShortFilm@gmail.com


MEG (Lead Role): Age Range (20 – 25)
Meg struggles with self doubt and insecurities about who she is and what people think. This constant battle with her inner-self is Meg’s biggest flaw… Last week she went on a date with Shawn and impulse agreed to set up a second date. Though getting out of her comfort zone gave her the sense of fulfillment she was seeking, now that the high has died down she’s on the fence about going again. Tonight that changes though. It’ll be good for her to go out again… maybe it will help her figure out what she wants?

SHAWN (Supporting Role): Age Range (20 – 25)
Shawn’s an honest guy. He’s straight forward with his feelings, and he wishes most people would share this mentality. He took Meg on a date the other week and the two clicked immediately. She’s all he’s been thinking about, and he was ecstatic when she asked HIM to hang out again.

What’s weird is that now that it’s gotten closer to their second date… she’s seeming flaky. Time to play it cool and make her feel comfortable.

RODE: Age Range (20 – 25)
Shawn’s roommate who doesn’t know as much about the female psyche as he thinks.

GAS STATION LADY: Age Range (40-60)
A crabby employee who could care less about the insignificant problems of young people.

General Info:

– Please email LoomShortFilm@gmail.com with head shots, your resume, and a demo reel if available. Based on the actor’s interests, sides for each role will be provided. Please specify who you are interested in auditioning for in the email.

– We are currently only accepting video auditions.

– No shooting dates currently established.

– Filming will take place in various locations across NC.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!, Dylan Powers



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