Casting Call

Searching for Actress to play the lead role as the Sister in The 31webseries in August of 2020.

Raleigh, North Carolina

We are looking for a female actor for the part of Serena. Serena and her brother Ian recently emerged from a bunker that sheltered them and 29 other survivors from nuclear attacks and resulting damage for the past 20 years. Their group led by Ian and two other young men who led a riot to escape the bunker build a fort and eventually are captured and taken back to the bunker. Serena is left in the wilderness and intends to save her brother at all costs. See previous episodes here:

All filming will take place in and near Raleigh, North Carolina.

The description and requirements for the role are as follows:

Age: no younger than 22 up to 35 years old, able to play actual age and younger
Caucasian or mixed with dark features- dark brown hair and eyes, preferably Mediterranean
Height: 5’2″ to 5’8″
Weight: slender to medium
Abilities: running, standing, and sitting in a wooded environment; fight choreography; establish chemistry with the actor playing Ian, including phone calls, video chats, or limited in-person contact for rehearsal; full commitment to the project.

Breakdown: Serena is overly attached to her brother to the point of raising eyebrows among onlookers. However, it is because Ian and Serena grew up without their parents in a dire situation, and they are all they have.

Additional information: In lieu of the Coronavirus and safety for all actors and crew, the actor will be required to be tested for the virus, be low risk for symptoms, and practice social distancing prior to the shoot. Any in-person rehearsal will be done outside practicing social distancing. No nudity will be involved.

Credit and copy of the final product will be provided.


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