Casting Call

Fourth-year thesis film at UNC School of the Arts titled “Boys I Kissed Too Hard” Winston Salem, NC


Producers: Dillon Dipietro, Devin Peluso

Senior Narrative Thesis Film

Writer: Charlie Herndon

UNC School of the Arts Director: Noland Vannoy

Casting Director: Devin Peluso

Work Dates: Oct 3, 2020 – Oct 5 2020

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

DERRICK: Late teens boy. He looks 17 to 18 years old. He’s a deeply troubled middle class  kid, lost in the world, and struggling to fit into his community’s Christian mold. He’s been  having sex with older men. He’s alluring, beautiful, and uses his youthful looks to get what he  wants, but he’s visibly disturbed. A combination of arrogant and self-loathing, addicted to the  thrill of unhealthy behavior, he draws attention from the best and worst types of people.  Hideously lonely, yet there’s a magnetic draw to everything he does, it’s the way he looks,  talks, and acts. Internally and externally, he’s on the verge of losing himself to the dark side.

GRANT: Late 20s, early 30s man. Extremely charismatic youth pastor. Charming, masculine,  and handsome. Wears Urban Outfitters. A hip young dude. The kind of attractive that would  appeal to both church girls and their mothers. His very presence is humble and comforting.  He’s a natural leader. Underneath all this, his dark side prevails, he’s lost his faith in humanity  and adjacent to Derrick, he gives into self-hatred and violence. He’s equally as lost as Derrick,  he wants to fix and change him. Or, if he finds him to be a truly lost cause, destroy him.

CALEB: Late teens, 17 year old boy. Dreamy jock with a boyish and innocent personality.  Wholesome, sheltered, and not aware of the world outside his bubble. He’s a good Christian  boy who dotes on and is protective of his younger brother, who has Down syndrome. He’s  always felt at home in his Christian church and household. He’s selfless, gives himself to  others, wakes up in the morning with dreams of saving the world in mind.

REBECCA: Girl in late teens, 17 years old. Unsocialized naif, perhaps homeschooled. One  might call her a “horse girl”. An extremely sheltered girl afraid of entering the world. Presents  herself conservatively. Diligent bible scholar and churchgoer. Always has to answer the  question when no one else wants to talk. Would let her senior year of high school go on  forever, if she could. An intense, bookish, yet sweet soul.

SHONDA VEE: Black female in her 40s. She is a tough-as-nails veteran social worker. Utterly  professional, she has learned to detach herself emotionally from the grueling day-to-day of her  job. She has been through, and has seen, everything. Her purpose in life is to help people in  spite of the difficulties of the job. She’s got a strong moral compass and she exudes  knowledge of self. However she has her moments where the job gets to her, she’s human after  all.