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Casting for TWO MALE ACTORS for our upcoming film, “The Kiss”

– Filming is scheduled for June (depending on COVID)

– Please do not submit if accepting this role will cause financial hardship due to travel expenses.

– Sides are located at the bottom of this post
– Please record your audition with your reader off camera using good lighting so we can see you
– Framing should be Chest Up
– SLATE at the END of your audition with NAME, AGE, LOCATION
– Title your file ROLE_LastName FirstName (ex. MATTY_Hanks Tom)
– Send submission to using either WeTransfer or a YouTube link with the subject “THE KISS_ROLE_Last Name First Name”

The Kiss- MATTY Sides

The Kiss NATE Sides

ROLE 1- LEAD, Caucasian Male age 18+ (to look younger), “Matty”

Matty is the main character. His life is turned upside-down after he loses his Mother and his Father becomes alcoholic and abusive. The only good thing in his life, his best friend, is moving away…but then he meets “Lilly Pad” the girl of his dreams. However, she is trouble and leads him down the wrong path.
(See sides, attached)

ROLE 2- SUPPORTING, AA Male, 18+ (to look younger), Athletic, “Nate”

Nate is Matty’s best friend and is going away to football camp for the summer. Matty just lost his mother so he hates to leave him all alone but has no choice. He learns about Matty’s new love and does NOT approve once he sees his best friend’s life slowly falling into chaos because of her influence- but is powerless to help him
(See sides, Attached)

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Thanks again! We look forward to working with you!
Coastal Independent Films Casting Dept

Please do not submit if you are doing this for money- or if accepting this role will cause financial hardship due to travel expenses.