Casting for the main role in “A Clown’s Story,”

a short comedy movie I am filming in Greensboro, NC.

I would like to start filming in the next month or so, but there is not a concrete schedule because of the current stay-at-home order.

The ideal candidate would have some weekend availability. Originally I wrote the script (attached below) for someone I worked with that was an actual circus clown in the past, but as they’ve fallen through, I need a replacement.

Now I know finding another person that has actual clown experience might be difficult, so I am open to anyone that would make a convincing clown without necessarily having actual experience. I imagine someone who would be very expressive facially and who can also juggle. Being able to make balloon animals is a plus. If you’re interested, send a reel or examples of previous work.

I will be filming with my partners at Mechanical Eye Films. Our website is if you want to check out samples of our work. Compensation will be provided.

A Clown’s Stotry