TW Cast & Recruit


Good morning everyone! As it stands, The Lost Boys is going on a Hiatus until the Virus and the scare affiliated with it is under control. As of now, we do not know when we will gear back up, but you all will know as soon as I know! We will be emailing everyone who was already booked for TLB throughout the day today, so please bear with us because we have a lot of “damage control” to do lol.

As for This Country, since it is a very small production, with a minimal footprint (thanks to the mock-umentary style of filming,) We are rearranging the schedule and will continue straight through with filming today through this Sunday. All of our BG numbers are getting cut drastically for safety reasons tho- So please know again, the production is doing everything it can to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Please be patient with us as we start to address these work changes! We appreciate you all and hope everyone is staying healthy!