Marty Siu Casting


Our producers have made the decision for the health and safety of all cast and crew, to stop all prep work and go dark for 2 weeks beginning this Monday, 3/16. What that means for our background actors/standins/photodoubles is that instead of starting our first day of filming on March 26th, we’ll now plan to start 2 weeks after that, tentatively. What that means for me and my crew is that we are off payroll and can resume prep work in two weeks.

In the meantime, you’re still welcomed to sign up in our database if you’d like to work on the show, and we’ll get back with you in a couple of weeks when we can hopefully start work again. Instructions for those interested in working on our show are in the post below

If you’re local to Savannah Ga and interested in working on this show as a background actor, standin, or photodouble please register in our database ASAP –

Thank you.