Marty Siu Casting

FLORIDA GIRLS – is a lower budget comedy show that will film in Savannah Ga beginning on March 26th and running through early June.

Their payrate for background actors is $80.00 for up to 10 hours. Their payrate for Standins and Photodoubles is $140.00 for up to 12 hours.

If you’re local to Savannah Ga and interested in working on this show as a background actor, standin, or photodouble please register in our database ASAP – .

If you are already registered in makescenes for a previous show and you’d like to be in this show’s database as well, simply go to your account and add the new code: girls. Then scroll down and click save and you’ll be added to this show as well.

Full instructions for database: If this is your first time using Makescenes, please create a profile at using the activation code, “Girls” in the “add projects” section, then scroll down and click save. This is where you’ll enter your name, contact info, sizes and photos. Please be on the look out for a confirmation email from makescenes. Once you confirm your account, you’ll be able to upload your photo. This MUST be done from a computer, not a phone, as makescenes is not yet mobile friendly. If you’re already registered in makescenes, simply add the code word, Girls, in the “add projects” section to be added to this particular series. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ATTACH A PHOTO as that is how the director makes most of the selections.

Location: Savannah GA.

Pay rate for background actors = $80.00/10. ($80.00 for up to 10 hours of work).

Thank you.