Casting Call

UNCSA 2nd Year Film Casting Call: Orange Blossom Trail:

Directed By: Brandi Mckinnon

March 21st-22nd

Winston-Salem, NC

No Pay but IMDB credit and meals provided

16 year old RUCA, lives with her ambitions of becoming a singer tightly sealed from an abusive home life and inescapable destitution. Much of her short life has been spent protecting her carless mother JENNY from her abusive fiancé (KYLE) while trying to stay afloat in her own life.

Jenny: 35 years old, Jenny Loves Ruca as much as a mother should. She smokes pot to feel young and is terrified to turn 40. She is extremely submissive and loves to be held firmly. That line gets crossed often. Jenny cries a lot. She used to be a competitive dancer after high school before she has Ruca. People always think Jenny and Ruca are sisters and she loves hearing it. (Supporting)

Kyle: 42 years old, Jenny’s drunk and abusive fiancé. (Supporting)

Stasia: 26 years old, a friend of Ruca’s (supporting)

Tito: 33 years old, a friend of Ruca’s (supporting)

Older Couple: 60s, observant of Ruca traveling through the street

If interested, please send a headshot to