Casting Call

Accepting Video Auditions for a Short HPU Student Film

Production title: Behind Closed Doors

Production type: Independent Student Film

Project length: Short Film (~10 minutes)

Posted on: February 17, 2020

Production company: HPU Student Senior Project

Director: Kacey Ruben

Shooting location: High Point/Greensboro/Winston Salem


Compensation: No


Video auditions accepted until Sunday February 23, 2020
Sides for each role are attached to this email. Please email your video or a link to your audition video to

Late February/Early March


Margot, Female: 22/23; Although she is hesitant in new situations, Margot is driven and motivated to succeed. She considers herself to be a modern, professional woman. She is stubborn, competitive, and perfectionistic.

Margot SIDES

Eli, Male: 24/25; Eli is a young professional, having spent time in the marketing industry for only about two years. He is somewhat snarky and a bit of a gossip, but cares deeply for the people around him. He’s felt marginalized before and has discovered that sometimes laying low allows for him to climb the ladder faster.


Patrick, Male: Late 20’s/Early 30’s; Ambitious, insecure, power-hungry. Patrick is doing the most he can to climb the corporate ladder. He puts people down around him to gain the upper hand. He’s aggressive and socially unaware of the effects of his actions.

Patrick SIDES

Richard, Male: 50’s/60’s; Richard is the definition of a self-made business man. He’s seen it all, being in the industry for nearly 40 years. He has the confidence of a man who gets what he wants without ever having to ask for it. He’s sure of himself, and that assurance manifests itself as entitlement. He’s decisive and manipulative. And he has a history of “disrespecting” women in the workplace… no formal accusations yet, though.

Richard SIDES

Mother, Female: 40’s/50’s; Margot’s mother is a working woman herself, ambitious, driven and confident. She comes from a different era—one where she was expected to do it all— be both the domestic mother and working mother and wage no fight on the sexism she faced every day. She struggles to relate to Margot’s modern mindset, because she’s succeeded in her silence.

Mother SIDES