Casting Call

THEBiGJAY Productions LLC

Executive Producer: J.T. Johnson


Writer: Jamie Ward


Director: Vashmere Valentine

Proof of Concept

Casting Producer: TBD


Working Dates: TBD

Location: In/Around Georgia

Untitled Comedy

Catherine (woman 20-30) Heir to a fortune, a young driven woman that would rather be the lead in a band than a suburban housewife. Fast talking, feisty and in no way chasing relationships. She’s young and far more interested in making a name for herself as a musician while she’s young. (Blue hair is optional, but would be great) – Supporting (plans to become a major character in future seasons)

Jeffrey (man 50’s) An unenthusiastic corporate speaker, who is closer to the end of his career than the beginning. He is motivated by money. – Minor

Hurley (unspecified) A fast talking journalist, think morning radio talk show host. Able to deliver a joke with quick dialogue – Supporting

Jane (woman 25-35) A super cool comedian, that embodies the Gen-X spirit. She is sarcasting, funny and highly respected as the best of the best. She is best friends with Randy, who is like her unofficial sibling. Many people think she’s mean, but she just doesn’t have time to coddle peoples’ feelings. Despite her hard nature, her backstory shows a real compassion for others. – Main

Kellerman (man 30’s-40’s) A well meaning bully. He’s a large physically imposing character, that often works security. He looks like a military operator, yet does not have the intellect to match. He wants to be funny, but is really only capable of making himself laugh. – Supporting

Matt (man 18-25) The protagonist, he is every young millennial that has dreams of being something larger than what his family would have him be. He is young and nieve, but has a heroic spirit. He starts the series as a sort of meek and mild kid, but will find his strength with the help of Jane and Randy. – Main

Randy (man 25-40) Randy is a local celebrity. He is pure charisma, a womanizer, and can make anyone fall in love with him, except Jane, who is like a sister. Despite his local love, he could be so much more, but really enjoys being a big fish in a small pond. He is mischievous, and often engages in prank wars with kellerman. He plays a mentor role to Matt, because he’s been around the block a time or two. – Main

Rufus (man 45-60) Rufus is the sage, the mentor, the oracle. He seems like an old disenfranchised bartender, but as the characters spend more time with him, they realize that he has a background that they all find very impressive. He lived an exciting life, but desired to retire from the public eye and bides his time serving beers at his local spot. – supporting.

Minor Characters:
Audience Member 1 (any)
Audience Member 2 (any)
Drummer (any)
Finn (any)
Lyft Driver (Voice only)
Philip (any)
Student 1 (any)

Student 2 (any)
Student 3 (any)

If you are interested in any of these roles please submit a headshot, resume and reel to Those selected will be sent sides and asked to submit a video audition.