Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

**GENIUS: ARETHA*** – TV series for NatGeo

–PLEASE SHARE with anyone you know that fits these descriptions– *NEW FACES that have not worked yet or have only worked one day on this project ONLY!*

Work Date: MONDAY 2/10/20

Rate: $94/10
Location: Atlanta, GA

JAMES’ FRIEND (FEATURED): Male who portrays as African American, age range 20s-30, to portray being flirtatious with our male lead actor
Men: short natural colored hair that would be period appropriate for 1950s or willing to let us cut your hair (No locs/braids/twists, NO shaved bald heads) and NO facial hair other than possibly a small tidy mustache (NO goatees/beards at all so must be willing to shave). This scene takes place in the 1950s so no modern looks.

If you fit one of these descriptions, please email your first & last name, phone number, height, weight, sizes and a RECENT photo ASAP to: GENIUS@CENTRALCASTING.COM

Please put JAMES’ FRIEND in the subject line. *This will be photo selected by our Director & Producer