Marty Siu Casting

COUNCIL OF DADS – Searching for a second set of African American Newborns.

We need TWO sets of African American twin infants to play a newborn in a sweet scene with one of our lead actors. Each baby can only work 20 minutes, which is why we need so many to play one newborn in the scene. We have booked an adorable set of twins who will be 2 weeks old when we film next week. They are 6 pounds.

We have had many wonderful adorable twin babies submit, but most of them are 3 – 6 months and just too big to play a newborn. If we can’t find another set of twins to match our current set, we’ll book 2 newborns from different families if they are similar in size and look.

That being said, if you have an African American newborn baby 1 month old or less, or around 6 – 8 pounds, and are interested in having your child in our show, please email us ASAP at: with the heading, “AA newborn” or “AA newborn twins”.

Pay rate is $150.00/per child and you will only be on set a very short time.

Thank you.