Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

**GENIUS: ARETHA*** – TV series for NatGeo

–PLEASE SHARE with anyone you know that fits these descriptions– *NEW FACES THAT HAVE NEVER WORKED ON THIS PROJECT ONLY!*

Work Date: THURSDAY 2/6/20

Rate: $94/10

Location: Atlanta, GA

CHURCH CONGREGATION: Male and Female who portray as African American, ages 18+, conservative church going types. Men: short natural colored hair that would be period appropriate for 1940s or willing to let us cut your hair (No locs/braids/twists, NO shaved heads) and NO facial hair other than possibly a small tidy mustache (NO goatees/beards at all). Ladies: Natural hair color only, NO locs/braids/twists, hair able to be put in rollers or pin curls. Natural nails only-NO acrylic or SNS, no coffin/stiletto/square shaped nails or color. This scene takes place in the 1940s so no modern looks.

If you fit one of these descriptions, please email your first & last name, phone number, height, weight, sizes and a RECENT photo ASAP to: GENIUS@CENTRALCASTING.COM

Please put CONGREGATION in the subject line.