Title: “The Red Room”

Genre: Drama/ Thriller

Type: Screenplay

Writer / Director: Porsche Nichole

For: Table Read, Saturday March 28th in Birmingham, Alabama 1:00pm-3:00pm.

Logline: Behind every beautiful display, there is a secret. This theory rings true in “The Red Room”. A disappearance at the hottest night club in town sends the city into a domino effect of chaos.

NOTE: The read through is unpaid. Also the date is subject to change, but most likely will be no earlier than the 28th of March.
For submission: Please send headshot and resume to : porsche.kemp@yahoo.com , subject line : “The Red Room” and the character you would like to submit for. If chosen I will reach out to you with sides. Prior to the read I would love to hear how you interpret the character with a video submission. I will then choose the cast from the video submissions. I really need a group that will try things with the script and think outside of the box; and most importantly HAVE FUN! I look forward to receiving your submissions!

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