Open Casting Call

Composite Media Inc.

1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd

Atlanta, Ga 30318 Suite 9

Time 4:00pm-6:oopm


Phone Number 833-936-3342

January 22, 2020

Trap-her is a short film. LA is a female kingpin, who is seeking revenge from an attack on her father. No one besides those close to LA and her family knows that she is a female. LA is forced to come out the shadows and handle her own business to maintain her respect.

Big Rod
Ages 25-31.
Very Masculine and Gay, He is considered the enforcer. His Face card is well respected and feared.

Gangsta :20-25
African American male figure, who is down to do whatever is a need in order for his team to win.

Black Male. Age:28-36
General in LA’s Army, He is critical and protective of LA, He is masculine and buff

Veronica:Black Female
Hood Chick, That came up with some money and is now a little bougie

KD Black Female
Age: 26-30 Mafia Runner, She is the second top drug dealer in Atlanta. She is hardcore, will kill but is still feminine.