Extras Needed!!

Feb 1-3 in Winston-Salem, NC

UNCSA 3rd Year Short Film – Whalesong

Synopsis: In a world where the song you are conceived to determines your personality, THELMA, a songless woman, struggles with determining her place in the world. Under the supervision of her boss, REGGIE, she is a consultant for couples looking for the right song and personality for their hypothetical child. After an encounter with a songless CUSTODIAN, she begins to understand what she must do create a space for herself and all other sonlgess people within society.

In need of all ages and looks, times of each day are TBA!

Please email whalesongcasting@gmail.com with a headshot and your availability over those three days!
Also please include a phone contact number and any dietary restrictions

Non-paid but will receive IMDB credit and a copy of the film.