BCM Productions Casting

Seeking Principal Talent for “The Renegade”

Please read all details before submitting.

If we have already seen you at the open call, please do not resubmit. If you do not fit one of the character breakdowns, please do not submit as it will be overlooked. Submit headshot, resume and reel to bcmproductionscasting@gmail.com to be considered.

Production title: The Renegade

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent

Project length: Feature Film

Project format: 16:9 HD

Production location: Morganton, NC

Production Company: BCM Productions

Company website: https://www.facebook.com/bcmpro/

Director: Brigham McNeely

Audition Location: Self Tape

Email: bcmproductionscasting@gmail.com

Compensation: We cannot offer our smaller roles an actual day rate, nor can we offer talent without any relevant TV/Film credits a day rate. We are going to be attaching some relatively known talent with very relevant TV/Film credits. We have to be sure we do what is best for the film and distribution. This being said, much of our talent budget goes to our known talent. At this point all we can offer is a small travel rate/per diem, meals and IMDB Credit. One thing you can be sure of is that our films get distributed on large platforms. So your talent will be showcased worldwide. Must be willing to work as a local hire to Morganton, NC.

Character BIOS

1. Linda Barry: Female, Native American, Ethnically Ambiguous late-30s – Bake shop owner, and director of the play The Birth of Christ (Lead).

2. Max Barry: Male, African American, early-40s – Husband of Linda Barry. (Supporting)

3. Bobby: Male, Native-American or open ethnicity, late-teens / 20s – Radical Member of PARA. (Supporting)

4. Jeff Burgess: Male, African-American / open ethnicity late-30s – Level-headed member of PARA. (Supporting)

5. George Hall: Male, Caucasian, mid-30s – Actor who portrays Joseph in The Birth of Christ (Supporting)
6. Jared Oldman: Male, Caucasian, early-40s – Insurance Agent for Business dealings. (Supporting)

7. Mrs. Payne: Female, AA or Caucasian, late-50s – Member of the community, and customer at Linda’s bake shop. (Supporting)

8. Jee Samuels: Male, Caucasian, early-20s – Radical member of PARA. (Supporting)

9. Amanda Washington: Female, Caucasian, late-30s – Wife of Mayor Washington. (Supporting)
10. Bartender: Male, AA or Caucasian, late-50’s