Project: Web series of six, ten minute episodes

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Audition: Date / Time / Location: January 11 @3pm in Mathews NC

Logline: “A homeless, gritty stand-up comedian gains notoriety for telling what is hailed as the funniest joke ever told and tries leveraging it into propelling his career.”



Darrell – 25-35 – Lead – Stand up comedian – African American male.

Sabrina – 25-35 – Ambiguous ethnicity – stand up comedian and Darrell’s love interest.

Shifty – 25-35 – Caucasian male – Stand up comedian – Gang member who is infatuated

with black culture so much that he thinks he is African American.

C-Note – 25-35 – African American male – No nonsense gang member and friend of Darrell’s

Trigga – 25-35 -African American / Latino male – Gang member and C-Note’s muscle

Kyle – 30-50 – Caucasian male – Stand up comedian and Darrell’s rival.

Club owner – 40-60 – Caucasian male/female – Money first business person.

Kevin – 25-35 – Caucasian male – Darrell’s old friend

Henry – 30-60 – Caucasian male – Convenience store owner


Sound engineer
Make up artist
Set designer
Multiple PA’s

This is strictly independent and non-paid, but if you’d like to be part of a great production and are interested in making a film with substance send me a message on Facebook or email to confirm that you’re coming to the audition and sides will be provided.