Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta

For TDP,

we are seeking real same-sex couples, a butch couple, a drag king, and any transgender in case you are asked to give each other a kiss we would prefer that you’re with your same-sex partner, the dates of work are, December 18, December 19, December 20, and in January it will be the 10th and the 13th which are tentative.

Please note these are very long days and could be up to 12 or more hours, the rate of pay for a drag kings drag queens is still to be determined but it will be at least 85 for eight Hours plus any overtime after that, there will be smoke it’s atmospheric smoke and there is a bump or adjustment for that. If this is you and you can make a fitting tomorrow or Monday and work the dates above at least the first three days for sure, please send your information to

Jacket orChest size

Please send us 3 clear pictures

Pictures should be recent with your party outfit as example if you were to go out the club and meet your friends , at your hang out /bar and it was a party atmosphere
we like color, even down to the socks, thank you everyone please share this, is magical and it is a very happy town where there is no judgment and everybody loves everybody. Please share this post thank you so much 
Bill marinella