Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

The Eyes of Tammy Faye ( Charlotte) LAST CALL for 2 additional Male & Female LOOK A LIKES needed for 12/9 filming.

* 1 Caucasian Male, with Brown Hair 40’s -60.

* 1 Caucasian Female with longer brown hair, needing a few 5’7 or taller options.

* Must be 100% available if selected for 12/9 Filming.

Submitting photos to Director today for consideration.

SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with heading 12/9 DOUBLE.

PLEASE INCLUDE 2 Current Photos (a full length & close up) that accurately reflect your current Hair length and facial hair status.

Also include Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes.