Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

***GENIUS: ARETHA*** – TV series for NatGeo

Fitting Date: WEDNESDAY 12/4/19 -OR- THURSDAY 12/5/19

Work Date:WEDNESDAY 12/11/19

*MUST be available for both a fitting and the work date

Fitting Rate: $32/2
Work Date Rate: $94/10

Fitting Location: NORCROSS, GA
Work Location: ATLANTA, GA

CHURCH ELDERS, CHURCH USHERS, CHURCH DEACONS & CHURCH CONGREGATION: Male and Female who can portray African American, ages 18-80, conservative. This scene takes place in 1967. Natural colored hair and no modern styles, short hair on men. Men-can have small tidy mustaches but no goatees or beards. Ladies-clean, unpainted fingernails only. (No artificial nails. No coffin, stiletto, square, or french style), No lash extensions at all! You will be sent home and not allowed to work if you show up with inappropriate hair, facial hair, nails or eyelashes.

CHURCH KIDS: Male and Female who can portray African American, ages 10-15 to look younger, conservative. MUST have current Minor Work Permit (GDOL). Parent/Guardian must be on set with child at all times.

Please submit ASAP and include – name, phone number, height, weight and a recent photo to: GENIUS@CENTRALCASTING.COM. *Please also specify which date you are available for your fitting (Church Kids MUST attend fitting on 12/4)

Please put “WEDNESDAY 12/11 CHURCH” in the subject line.

*MUST be registered with Central Casting