Casting unique characters for regional bank video.

Seeking a few traditionally good looking types, but mostly folks you don’t normally see on TV.

People of all shapes and sizes, with unique and interesting facial features, body types/characteristics are welcome and encouraged!

MUST be local to Chattanooga (within 2 hour drive.)
SELF-TAPED AUDITION REQUIRED for featured speaking roles. Request sides w/submission.

FEATURED ROLES Acting experience required:
• CUSTOMER: Male, 40-60, experienced actor, any ethnicity. Confused, feels a little out of place. (Speaking role – AUDITION REQUIRED.)

• SUPERVISOR: Female, 40-60, experienced actor, any ethnicity. Relaxed, comfortable, southern, welcoming. (Speaking role – AUDITION REQUIRED.)

• EMPLOYEE: Male, 25-40, experienced actor, any ethnicity. Youthful, new at job or an intern. (Speaking role – AUDITION REQUIRED.)

• BUSINESS WOMAN: Female, 30-60, experienced actor, any ethnicity. Self-assured, confident, in control. (Non-speaking role)

• HANDLER/BODY GUARD: Male, 30-60, experienced actor, any ethnicity. Large, secret-service type. (Non-speaking role)

• BACKGROUND TALENT: Men & Women, 30’s-50’s, all ethnicities

DATES: December 14th, 15th, 16th, 2019 (one day shoot.) Featured roles must be available for wardrobe fitting on December 13th, TBD.

LOCATION: Chattanooga, TN

FEATURED TALENT RATE: $500/day + $50 wardrobe fitting allowance.

USAGE: 1 year web, social and regional broadcast, included in rate.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, December 2nd, 12 noon

FEATURED TALENT (Speaking Role) MUST SUBMIT VIDEO AUDITION. Can be a self-taped phone video. Request SCRIPT SIDES with submission.

TO SUBMIT: Please send headshot, full body shot (do not send more than 2-3 photos total), age, height/weight, current city, full contact information, availability December 13th-16th, and request for script sides for featured speaking roles to: SUBJECT: (Role you are submitting for.) Thank you!