Central Casting (Georgia, USA)


Date: Tomorrow Thursday 10/31

Location: Savannah, GA

Rate: $150 / 12

Brandi is looking for stand ins to work tomorrow Thursday 10/31 in Savannah. Please take a look at the characters below, and let me know if you fit the description:

1) African American looking Female, around 5’11 in height.

2) Older African American looking Male, around 6’0 height, with grey or salt and pepper hair, over 190lbs.

3) African American looking male, darker skin tone, around 6’2 in height, over 200lbs.

4) African American looking Male, around 5’6 in height, over 180lbs.

If you are fully open and available tomorrow to work in SAVANNAH, and you fit any of the descriptions above, and you are good with the $150 / 12 stand in rate (no additional compensation for mileage or lodging), please call 678-686-2375. Thanks.