Casting Call

‘Lady in the Swamp’

My name is Michael LeaMond, a film student, looking to submit a casting call to recruit for my short film ‘Lady in the Swamp’. Here is the submission:

The troubled teen Aris must make a life or death decision to deal with the crushing expectations of her peers. Inspired by The Sound and the Fury


Aris: A free spirit of a girl. Early 20s college freshman who is struggling to find her place.

Dad: A grizzled soldier, mid 40s over 6ft, on his way to retirement. Always dictates how people should be.

Detective Grimes: A 30 year old detective trying to piece his way through this mystery.

Dylan: A lanky awkward early 20s college student with a rebellious streak. Very much anti-establishment type.

Henry: Well groomed early 20s college student with a preppy appearance. He embraces the expectations his parents put on him and believes others should as well.

Janet: Woman in her mid 30s with conservative appearance (traditional nuclear home mother) who supports her husband’s spartan parenting style.

Melanie: Brunette early 20s college freshman who left her small town behind to make something of her life. Holds a soft spot for our missing Aris.

Tentative filming dates are mid/late November to Early December

All Roles are Open Ethnicity

All filming in Charleston, SC

Food will be provided

Please email if you are interested in one of the roles and enclose headshots and I will send sides to read and instructions.

Deadline for submission is November 4th

This is an unpaid student film