Casting Call

Tagline: A documentary spoof/ comedy about college life from the perspective of a freshman who is thrown into the chaotic life of being in a fraternity.

He’s faced with the challenge of finding himself along with making the people around him happy.

Genre: Documentary spoof/ Comedy, Student Film
Location: University of South Carolina Columbia Campus
Brady: 18 year old, white male, average in almost every way
Seth: Middle Aged, white male, above average in every way
Scott: College Aged, fun and energetic, stereotypical frat guy
Joey: Middle Aged, President of Happa Kappa, kind of a drama queen
Clint: College Aged, a total jerk
Danny: College Aged, super passionate about Happa Kappa
Extras: fraternity brothers, students

Contact: (678)925-3221 or

Video submissions accepted through October 19th at 8:00pm

Please reply to the post or contact if you are interested in auditioning. From there a script will be provided for you to audition with.