Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

MOB RULES (Wilmington, NC) Looking ahead…NEEDING.


FRI. 9/27 -1978 types-3 Neighbors & 5 Trick or Treaters (short 18 -19 year olds).Submit 9/27 AVAIL


TUES. 10/1 – 3 Featured Tough Guys (also needed 10/14 & 10/21 -all 2 dates)



WED. 10/2 – 10 POLICE OFFICERS & 2 EMT’s (prefer ACTUAL/REAL or previous Police and EMTS). Can use those from pre shoot filming. SUBMIT – 10/2 COPS/EMTs . Please include expereince as such in submission.


FRI 10/4 – 8 Modern Day Cops, 8 Flashback Cops (1978) 4 will be photo selected by Director, 2 Flashback (1978) Forensic Tech. SUBMIT – 10/4 Cops and Forensic. Should be Actual/Real current or previous cops and forensic types.


IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED Photos and information for this project, you can simply send an avail message with Name and ON FILE.

IF YOU HAVE YET TO SUBMIT FOR THIS PROJECT, Please include 2 current photos (close up and full length). Photos must reflect your current hair length and color, facial hair if male, body build.

Also included should be Your name, phone, age, city/state you reside, height/weight,clothing sizes, description of visible tattoos and piercings.

SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with heading as listed above for day or dates you are submitting for.