Central Casting (Georgia, USA)



Location: Suwanee, GA

Date: Monday Sept 23rd 2019 AND Tuesday Sept 24th 2019

Rate: $88/8

We are currently looking for MEN 18+ who appear East Indian, Middle Eastern or Asian.

Must be between 5’9-6’3 in height – with a waist size no larger then a 36 – and a coat size no larger then 46

Looking for upscale and clean cut men to play the role of “Country Club Hunter” for a featured role working with the principal cast.

You will be part of a small group going on a “Turkey Hunt” – we would love people with experience hunting.

If this is you and you’re available BOTH days – please submit the following information:
1.Contact Info
2. Current photos
3. A brief summary of your hunting experience

Subject: AM HUNTER

This role will be director selected – we will send your photos to the director and if selected we will contact you!