*This is a NON-UNION film. ALL CAST AND CREW POSITIONS ARE PAID. The cast and crew will be receiving full credit on the project, a copy of the pilot/series (post premiering), and food on work days. All filming for the pilot will take place in and around the Atlanta, GA area during late October to Early November. The filming of the pilot will take anywhere from 4-5 full production days.

We are currently in a very busy period in the pre-production process on the series, and are looking to fill the following character roles:

HAGEN: (Lead Male, 6’1” or taller, 230lbs+, 30-45 years old, Think Hagrid[Harry Potter] or Hodor[Game of Thrones]) A genius engineer of paranormal equipment. He is the only known person known to actually catch a ghost on camera. He is socially awkward and at times quite inappropriate but is willing and ready for any danger.

CHLOE: (Lead Female, 5’3” – 5’ 10”, 110lbs-122lbs, 22-30, Punk look (possible colored streak in hair), age 19-22) Chloe is an extremely talented clairvoyant, so much so she actually has the ability to tap into energies and control dark entities, with some training of course. An essential part of the team she can be a bit of a hot head and tends to push herself beyond her limits.

BEN: (Lead Male, 5’8” – 6’2″, 135lbs-180lbs, 19-24 years old) A nervous, unsure bookworm,
Ben has an unusual connection to the spirit world, making him a magnet for all kinds of entities. Even though he is pressured and sometimes bullied (primarily by Parker) into frightening situations, he stays strong in hopes of finding out more about why he is the way he is.

VERONICA: (Lead Female, 5’4”- 5’9” 120lbs- 160lbs, 26-32 years old) Veronica hires Parker and his team to help with a disturbance in her sister’s house. Smart, spiritual, hard headed, and independent. She wants in on all the action regardless of the cost to herself. She feels a
higher calling is waiting for her. Is this unusual team her answer?

RIVER: (Lead Female, Any height, Dark hair, 8-12 years old) River is a sweet girl in a terrible
circumstance. Coming closer and closer to possession by an old spirit, River is constantly coming in and out of aggressiveness. Needs to be able to portray fierceness, as well as innocence. Ability to cry and look very evil is a plus.

FATHER ANDREW: (Lead Male, 5’9”- 6’3”, 26-36 years old) Devout to the cloth and strong in his convictions, is skeptical and snarky, especially when it comes to his distaste of the team (especially Parker) Father Andrew does not believe in the teams way of handling situations and is not afraid to speak out about it.

FATHER MARTIN: (Support Male 5’7”- 6’1″, 160lbs-220lbs, 40-60 years old) A devout keeper of the Christian faith, Martin was at first the mentor to Parker. He is kindly and wise however his faith tends to get in the way of further wisdom. Nevertheless he remains moderate and patient in his teachings
with Parker.

BRIDGET: (Support Female, 5’7″- 5’11” 120-145lbs (will add pregnancy wardrobe) 26-30 years old) Wife of Parker, Bridget is a loving and stubborn woman. She cares about Parker especially when he doesn’t seem to care about himself. Bridget is Parkers rock, she will call him out on his bullshit and at the same
time remain pleasantly playful. Extremely patient, considering she is 8 months pregnant.

MARY: (Support Female, 5’4”- 5’9”, Dark hair, 27-35) Rivers mother, she is worried about her daughter’s well-being and doesn’t quite understand the events unfolding in front of
her. However she is willing to try anything to save her daughter. Must be strong emotional actor.

BISHOP XAVIER: (Support Male, 5’8-6’2″, 55-70) A devout man of the cloth. Needs a strong,
authoritative presence.

DOCTOR STEVENS: (Support Male,Open Characteristics) Rivers doctor, kindly and professional, needs to be able to portray pain and fear.

MRS. CARRAWAY: (Support Female, 45-80) Scared client of the team, fear turns to anger as the teams “professionalism” comes into question.

MR. CARRAWAY: (Support Male, 45-80) Scared client of the team he looks on in dismay at what has become of his living room. Husband to Mrs. Carraway.

FRANK: (Support Male, 50-60) Client of Father Martin in a flashback. No lines.

If you or someone you know have an interest in any of these roles, please send an email to with the subject “DE [Role]”. Please include an up-to-date resume, a film reel (if applicable), and any relative links or information.