Central Casting (Louisiana)


*** “UNHINGED” – New Orleans, LA – Wednesday 8/21 ***

RATE: $94/10 hours + prop bump (if applicable)


We are looking to create a neighborhood with people high school looking – 30’s (18+ years old, any ethinicity) jogging, roller skating, people holding skateboards, parents with strollers, bicyclists, etc. Men, should have well-groomed facial hair. This is an exterior scene where there will be minimal shade on set. Please do not submit if you are not prepared for this! Please bring anything to make you feel comfortable as you work, personal fans, etc. Per the production, this is the last day of background actors without their vehicles, so the director wants to picture pick everyone!

JOGGERS: You must be comfortable jogging in the scene!

ROLLER SKATER: You must be comfortable roller skating in the scene and you must bring your own roller skates! You will receive a $15 skate bump.

BICYCLES: You must be comfortable riding your bicycle in the scene and you must bring your own bicycle! You will receive a $15 bicycle bump.

SKATEBOARD: You must bring your own skateboard but you will only be holding it in the scene! You will receive a $10 skateboard bump.

STROLLER: You must bring your own child or pet stroller (without umbrellas) and push it in the scene. You will receive a $15 stroller bump.

NEIGHBORS: We are also looking for neighbors and speedwalkers!

Please email the following to UNHINGED@CentralCasting.com
• CURRENT photo(s) of yourself
• Legal name
• Phone number
• Sizes (height, weight, bust, coat, dress, pant, shoe)
• Tattoos (if applicable)
• Use the category listed in the subject line!

1). You should be the only person in the photo.
2). Please face the camera.
3). Only clear and well-lit photos will be considered.
4). Absolutely NO filters!
5). Inappropriate photos will NOT be considered!

***You MUST BE registered or plan to register with Central Casting BEFORE the work date in order to work on this project!***

Registration details and required documents can be found on our website: https://www.centralcasting.com/register/?location=louisiana