Casting for Cheerwine Videos!!!

1 Family – 2 parents/two kids ideally…Kids can be anywhere from 8-18, parents can be early 30s to mid 40s

Rate: $500 total for the family

Date: Friday, August 23rd

They would be going on an adventure to Sliding Rock, stopping at fun locations along the way.

We’d be filming them just having a good time naturally, drinking Cheerwine casually here and there

A group of 20-30 year olds (or at least that look in that age range)

Rate: $200 per person per day

Date: Saturday and Sunday, 8/24-25

ideally 2 guys and 2 girls

Would be ideal if they are group of real friends, but could be two friends paried w another 2 friends

They need to be able to let loose and have fun, be comfortable in front of the camera. A bonus if they are OK drinking Cheerwine but we can work around that if needed.

Here is a video we did last year for your reference –

Basically, all they need to do is have fun w their friends, drink a lil Cheerwine, let us film. 🙂
Its a super fun gig.

Mitch Rumfelt


Asheville, NC