Casting Call

“Panda Bear It” is a microbudget drama/comedy feature film by local North Carolina director Evan Kidd.

We are casting supporting roles for late October/November 2018 production dates.

Most all production dates will take place on weekends in Raleigh, Durham, and Eastern North Carolina. Unpaid. Non-union only please.

Email rocksetproductions@gmail with a current headshot, resume, and role you want to audition for. Must include all three or will not be considered. ALL AUDITIONS WILL BE SELF-TAPED BY YOU AND SENT TO US.

* Auditions are due by August 31st. No roles will be considered after that date. Do not email if past date. Thank you!

Roles currently available as followed.

1. Grandma – African-American women, who mostly stays at home is a shut in. She does not approve of her Grandson’s recent choices in life. (Age late 50’s – 70’s)

2. Panda – Imaginary friend of our lead Damien. She follows him around and speaks through subtitles. She also wears a panda bear mascot costume for 90% of the film. Physical comedy and gestures are very important here! (Co leading role!)

3. Irma – A woman in her later 30’s/40 who is tired, homeless, and struggling to kick a substance or two. Edgy, but leads a small group of likeminded individuals to help them survive the streets. (Age 40s)

4. Marcus – Younger African-American child (ages 8 to 12) Loves comic books, video games, and is the grandson to Grandma. (Age 8 – 12)

5. Tiffany – Set up on a blind date with our lead Damien by Grandma. (Age Later 20’s)

6. Studio Owner – Owner of a hip hop recording studio. (Age 30 – 50s)

We also have three roles that are one liners more or less in the film. Great for a beginner actor. Homeless man, customer, and homeless teen. (Ages 15 – 50)

Evan Kidd is a writer/director & founder of the indie film collective RockSet Productions. He has produced several award winning films in both narrative & documentary. His latest narrative works have included his first feature film Son of Clowns & independant television show Home Remedy.

Past Works: