Tona B. Dahlquist Casting


You will want to be a part of this film!!!!

Seeking those interested in filming as Extras and or Stand Ins on an upcoming MOVIE to be filmed in the Wilmington, NC area.

Anyone filming MUST be willing to work as a local extra hire. No travel expenses will be provided.


ALL AGES (Children – Seniors), ALL TYPES, ALL SHAPES & SIZES, ALL RACES are needed.


Also seeking several with character or unique faces, unusual talents/skills, or unique things about them (Examples could be- a Magician or Ventriloquist, Identical Twins or Triplets, a visible handicap or distinctive facial feature)


As always please include any actual/REAL job experience you may have in the following
* EMTS/Paramedics, MEDICALl Professionals (REAL
Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons etc..)
* Law Enforcement (Police Officers, Detectives),
* Firemen,
* Military and any real job experience you have you wish to include. Once again is this actual experience as such…please include your job experience as such.


SUBMISSIONS must include all of the following in order to be processed and filed for consideration. Failure to do such may result in your submission not being processed.


2 CURRENT Photos (close up and full length). These photos should accurately reflect you and your current hair style, cut/color, facial hair.


* Name, Phone (Cell # preferred), Age, City/State you reside,
* Height/Weight, Your Complete Clothing Sizes to include shoe, Measurements -Men -Neck/Sleeve, Jacket, Waist/Inseam, Females -Chest, Waist, Hips,
* Description of any visible tattoos & Piercings. Please include if you do or do not have an artist release for visible tattoos.
* Color/Make/Model/Year Vehicle or Vehicles you drive. Yes, we occasionally need to book your vehicle as well.
* Any actual additional information you would like to include….such as previous Stand In experience, Unique skill or feature, twin or triplet, actual job experience (actual nurse, paramedic, Fireman, police officer etc..


Email address:
Submission heading should be your age, ethnicity, gender,city/state you reside. Example: 43, Asian Male, Wilmington, NC.


Looking forward to having many of you film with us on this exciting project!