Casting Call

We are filming a short film in the Greensboro area this summer.

We currently need a relatively experienced actress in her thirties to play the role of a weary ex-wife who is trying to get her life in order.

Her ex-husband is the cause of her past trauma.

The script is about a former inmate who is just released from a seven year prison sentence with the intention of reaching out to his ex-wife in order to rekindle a past relationship that died during his time behind bars.

Now an extreme alcoholic, he is also desperate for resources and a place to stay. What he receives instead is an gut-wrenching exploration of past mistakes, grief, and the existential quandary of what love means in the midst of addiction, as he and his former lover spend a beautiful day wallowing in hostile conversation that winds up revealing more about themselves than they had previously intended.


Greensboro, NC