Casting Call

We are looking for a middle-aged female (40-55) with a non-specific-looking ethnicity (exotic).

This is for a corporate one-day shoot for a female-owned dentist office.

The shoot is scripted and will require no more than about 5 lines of speaking.

This is NOT a SAG job, however we do pay SAG rates. The person should be of average size, height (5′.4″-5′.11″), weight (12-14) , and have a perfect smile (very good teeth).

WARNING: We are NOT your average video production company. You WILL have fun; you will NOT be treated like royalty nor will you be treated like the HELP. We are a team…plain and simple. We all win together!

We have created a storyboard and will share with those interested. We’d like those who apply to submit a short read (please just use your phone…we’re just people like you).

The shoot will take place in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte, sometime in late July.

We look forward to learning more about the great talent that Charlotte has to offer.


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