Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

GEMSTONES (Charleston) WED. 6/19 -Still Seeking AFRICAN AMERICAN Males & Females to portray HAITIAN VILLAGERS.

PAY RATE $125. Approx. 20 More Needed.

MUST be able to make very early Time to report.Please be aware Call Time could be as early as 5:15 -6 AM.

* 3 Needed to Portray Villagers as well as Bartenders

* 30 Will be in additional scene with Missionaries and Cast building /digging Water Line…then filming additional other HAITI Scenes with Missionaries, Villagers & Cast.

* SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with heading 6/19 AVAIL.

Please include 2 Current Photos, Name, Phone, Age, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Description of visible Tattoos, Color/Make/Model/Year Vehicle.