Extras Casting Atlanta

Upcoming for a new one starting late July shooting into July and early August we are looking for men and women to portray 1970’s teens

ladies – shoulder length of longer natural colored hair and some bob type cuts can be ok, afro or similar looks are great as well

Guys longer hair or at least shaggier hair – some facial hair or side burns are great – Afros as well

we are looking for two groups one 18 – early 20’s

email a recent photo, exactly as you look today, ideally head shot and full length, along with all sizes and contact info to: 70sExtras@gmail.com – YOUNG ADULT in Subject

Then also for some days will have a group 13 – 17 years old — same looks — email pics, all sizes and contact info to: 70sExtras@gmail.com – TEEN in Subject

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