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Saturday June 22th, 2019 2pm – 6pm

Venue: Actor’s Arsenal
6336 Oleander Drive
Wilmington NC 28403

Independent Feature Film PAYNE
Director: Michael J. Roberts, Screenplay: Michael Mercaldi
Deferred Pay, Guaranteed Distribution, Copy, Credit, Reel, Meals

Must be available to film select weekends between August-October 2019 and willing to work as a local in New Hanover and Brunswick County NC. Travel and lodging to locations outside listed areas will be paid.

Please arrive with headshot, resume, links to reels if you have them. Sides will be provided upon arrival.
Contact Casting for questions at

Link to Preview Teaser Trailer below.

Casting the following Speaking Roles:

EVIE: 30-45, 5’0-5’7, AA or Mixed Race, FIT, FBI Agent, Educated, Well spoken, Confident, professional, little OCD.

ANDREA: 18-24, W, 5’0-5’7 FIT, Cops daughter, sheltered, innocent, smart, voice of reason.

RUSSELL: 20-29, 5’6”-5’11” Open race, FIT, Law student, smart, Preppie, all American type. Dating Andréa.

ROBYN: 20-29, 5’0-5’9 Open race, FIT, Conservative, happy homemaker, emotional.

NICK: 20-29, 5’6”-5’11” WM, Dark Hair, Muscular build, Construction foreman, Black Belt, tough guy type, married to Robyn. martial arts experience preferred.

LISA: 20-29, 5’0-5’9, Open race, very attractive, likes to party, gold digger, dresses very provocatively.

DAVE: 20-29, 5’4-5’9, Open race, Chubby, nerdy, very smart, comes from a rich family. Dating Lisa.

MADDIE 20-29, 5’0-5’9, Open Race, Voluptuous, “cool chic” everyone likes, easy going, hippie type.

SCOTT 20-29, 5’6-5’11, Open Race, avg build, Country boy, works for Nick, dating Maddie.

SHERIFF BRADY 35-65, 5’6-5’11, WM, Overweight, country Sheriff, likeable, old fashioned.

CAPT. ANDERSON 45-65, 5’6-5’11, Open Race, FIT, Strict State Police Captain, Ex- Military.

TRAVIS 25-40 5’6-5’11 WM, avg build, blue collar country boy type.

SUSAN 35-45, 5’0-5’9 WF, avg build. Drug addict, prostitute.

WILLIAM 30-40, 6’2” or taller, WM Fit or burly build, War vet, POW, Conservative, Religious

LAUREN 25-35 5’0-5’9, WF, avg build, sweet, conservative, religious, homemaker. Williams wife.

DR MENDEL 40-70, 5’6-5’9, Open race, any build, Renowned Psychiatrist at the top of his profession.