CL Casting


Is going to bluegrass festivals what you do on your time off?

You love camping out and listening to music?

Do you love to hang out by caves 😉

Do you love bonfires?

We’ve got a cave festival for you!!

We are also seeking grandparents and all walks of life!

Ages 9 and over

Really encourage sibling groups to apply

16/17 year olds will work past 2am on 12th/13th with adults.

Rate: 75/8
Date: June 11th, 12th, 13th,
11th – Day Shoot
12th – Split where we start later in day to get day shots but also get night shots too
13th Split – Later in day close to be a night
You won’t need to be available all days
We will email you and get your availability but those who can work the most days will get priority!
This will have more days in the next 2 episodes!!
This will be a fun scene
Location: CONYERS – 20 Gas Bump

Please email for the following roles
Include 3 pics (head, body and selfie holding a piece of paper with date from last two weeks written on it) age, ht, wt, all sizes and contact info

If you have an RV Let us know 300 bump! Will only be need one day – I just don’t which one.