Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta

!! Attention Doom Patrol Fans!!

Our very own “Chenzy” Graziano, from THE DOOM PATROL OFFICE, is Producing and Directing 3 Spots for a Campaign!


NON-UNION Commercial
( Rates will be discussed with each actor )
The tentative SHOOT DATES are June 16, 17 & 18.
Location is Greater Atlanta.
*These spots are Viral marketing videos for a medical
company with a social media campaign!!*
Production Company: Show Don’t Tell Productions

1.Send headshots,
2.Selfies with a slip of paper and today’s date!
3.Do you have a REEL? & a RESUME? Send it!
4. Include your cell number !and all measurements and wardrobe sizes!

Please write the role / campaign you’re auditioning for in the Subject line :

Here are the Specs for each Campaign


[Krista] finishes class when all of a sudden a [classmate] appears out of nowhere. His job is to help Krista study whenever and wherever. [Krista] suddenly finds herself in the ER, with a gsw victim and a [doctor] and [nurses]. Suddenly the [doctor] stops and asks [Krista] what he should do next. She answers, they continue, and [classmate] explains that there are more virtual scenarios like this to help her study.

Professor: Male. Any race. Middle to older age, 40-60. The professor is confident and smart. He wants to push his students very hard to succeed.

Krista: A young female med student. Any race, 22-28. Krista is quirky and ambitious, but also reserved. She doesn’t like to step on other’s toes, but she’s not afraid to speak up and ask questions.

Classmate: A handsome, caucasian male. Young, 22-28. He’s confident and almost too perfect. He lacks some emotion because he isn’t actually human. He wants to please others and help them succeed.

Doctor: A middle aged male, slender, tall. Caucasian, 30-50. Quick talker, able to perform under extreme pressure. Steady and smooth in both speaking and moving.

Nurse 1: Any race. Female. 20-40

Nurse 2: Any race. Female. 20-40

EMT: Asian or African-American. Male. 20-40

Patient: Any race, 20-30. Male. Gunshot victim.

Student 1: Any race or gender, young looking. 21-28
Student 2: Any race or gender, young looking. 21-28
Student 3: Any race or gender, young looking. 21-28
Student 4: Any race or gender, young looking. 21-28


[Dave] is unhappy with his life and job. He sees his neighbor [Sam] thriving in all of these areas and more. We see both of their days at work, ending the day with [Dave] asking [Sam] how he has become successful. [Sam] shares the secret and we see [Dave]’s life transform into his dream.

Dave: Average looking male. Caucasian, 28-35. Dave is sad, looking for something better in life. He envies his neighbor Sam. He hates his job.

Sam: Average looking male, Caucasian, 28-35. Sam is playful, relaxed, and loves life. Sam loves to help others. He loves his job.

Sam’s Wife/Model: Tall, slender, blonde. Female. Caucasian, 22-30. Flirtatious and charming. Knows she’s got everything she could ever want and is very happy.

Dave’s Girlfriend/Model: Tall, slender, brunette. Female. Caucasian, 22-30. She’s confident and happy. She knows she lucked out and her life is very going to get better than this moment. She is in love with Dave.

Dave’s Boss: Short, stocky, unattractive. Male. Any race, 30-50. The boss is jaded, he’s been working the same job for years and nothing satisfies him anymore.

Sam’s Boss: Young, tall, slender, handsome. Male. African-American, 25-35. The boss is happy, healthy, and always has a great attitude. He is a little over the top happy, and really loves to show his emotions.

Receptionist 1: Female. Any race. 20-28. Friendly and helpful, with a beautiful smile.

Receptionist 2: Female. Any race. 20-28. Friendly and helpful, with a beautiful smile.


Storyline: We follow a young [asthma kid] daily life as he struggles through the hardships of asthma. He eventually meets with a [therapist], who helps solve his problem so he can go back to living life without the interruption of asthma.

Narrator/Respiratory Therapist: 24-45 years old all ethnicities female. She is a confident doctor who naturally cares about her patients. She wants to help each and everyone, no matter how small the problem. She has a calm, knowledgeable voice.

Asthma Kid: A young, physically active male. Caucasian/Asian. Age 9-14. He is a happy boy but frustrated that his condition is holding him back from enjoying life to the fullest.

Soccer Kid 1/School Kid 1/Birthday kid 1: Any race. Male, 9-14.

Soccer Kid 1/School Kid 1/Birthday kid 2: Any race. Male, 9-14.

Birthday kid 3: Any race or gender. 9-14.

Birthday kid 4: Any race or gender. 9-14.

Birthday mom: Female, Caucasian. Mother, 35-45.

Please email all requested info directly, we are not casting this BUT this is a GREAT opportunity for up
and coming actors. Please share this post.

Thanks, MHC