CDC Extras Casting

Atlanta peeps! I’m casting the BG for a short film shooting in Atlanta early June. It’s just a 6 day shoot and only need about 25 people.

Specifically looking for African American and Hispanic men and women.

The film is directed by Richard Raymond, who directed the short film SOULS OF TOTALITY with Tatiana Maslany and Tom Cullen.

Here are the categories:
1) TEENS IN JUVENILE HALL – MALES ONLY – African American/ Caucasian and Hispanic 18 and older, playing teens. (Must be over 18) SUBJECT: JUVENILE HALL

2) AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN AND MEN (20s and older) to play passersby. SUBJECT: PASSERSBY

This short film stars Joe Morton. It will shoot in the Atlanta area. The rate is $64/8

Please include 2 current photos and the following info:
1) Name
2) Phone
3) Email
4) City you currently live
5) Height! (Super important for stand-ins)